The Cutting Edge Crypto Exchange Terminal

Silex is the first desktop application for Mac and PC that lets you trade on all your favorite exchanges without storing your API keys on a central server.



No personal data stored on servers, everything is stored encrypted locally on your laptop.

Unified Interface

Trade with the same tools on different exchanges.

Easy to Use

Clean and easy to use interface with unique features to facilitate trading. Unlock the app with a simple pin code, transfer coins between.


Simple and fast functionality to exchange your crypto currencies. Connect to different exchanges with one single login.

Free Download

Enjoy the app and exchange functionalities for free.


Enter your email
Activate your account
Enter your information
Silex exchange market view
Select exchange
Add your API keys
Make a trade
View your balance
Transfer coins
View consolidated balance


Silex is the first desktop Crypto Exchange Terminal application for Mac and PC that allows you to trade on all your favorite exchanges without storing your API keys on a central server. We are the ideal platform for both crypto-enthusiasts, and professionals looking for a secured and easy way to trade and transfer coins across multiple exchanges.

At Silex your security is our priority, so we’ve developed the Remote Key Encryption Software — RKES (patent pending) a unique groundbreaking security system that keeps your API keys stored, and encrypted on your computer. You can finally forget about the worry of your information being leaked or stolen from a cloud-based system.

We understand your need for ease of use, with Silex you have a system that seamlessly allows trading across exchanges without the need of multiple screens, plus you get a unified interface making the complete experience effortless and time-saving.

Silex is a free service in its early stages, with new premium features in the horizon for those interested in a more tailored experience, to learn more about this and more sign-up to our newsletter!

Ali Moussavi

Ali Moussavi

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Stanislas Duprey

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Nima Montazeri

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Vimel Patel

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Monica Rodriguez


We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information on how to use Silex. If you have any questions that you can't find the answer to, please contact us.


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